It gives us strength and vitality required for sustained physical, mental activity and life. It’s excitement, vitality, spirit, zest, vibrancy, spark, liveliness, enthusiasm, exuberant, buoyancy, animation and much more.

                                                                                                                                                                                  “Energy that flows through every living being and is absolutely essential to life itself. Delight and happy feelings are bound up with the increased and unimpeded flow of energy, while energy vacuity and congestion lead to pain and feeling of emptiness, rigidity and depression. ” Dr.Reimar Bansis

When energy is lost, fatigue is one of the first signs our amazing body gives us when it’s not at it’s optimal function.    Something we don’t pay attention, since we have easy excess to stimulants high in caffeine like and it’s just routine, we grab energy drinks, chocolate, and our all time favorite “coffee!” This can also contribute to eating fast foods, processed foods, and foods high in sugar that deplete our precious energy from our body due to the body’s focus on digesting these foods and therefore leaving you powerless. Over consumption of stimulants and foods that rob your energy, then makes it challenging for the body to relax to fall asleep and interrupted sleep becomes an issue especially over time.

Our bodies were made to function best at its optimal level with energy through out the day and good quality sleep for the body’s ability to heal and repair, deprivation of sleep makes this impossible which can lead to insomnia, chronic stress, weight gain, depression, impaired cognitive function, and many other issues with the body.

Why am I losing my power? Something else you can think about and how important it is to practice developing habits of positive thoughts and that your biography becomes your biology.

To recover and heal your energy imbalance it always involves your will, and trust that changes need to be implemented in order for improvements to occur. Change your thoughts, mind, your environment, your clothes, change is good, change is life and what nature intended!

The first way to feeling energetic again is to start with what you do every day…EAT! Why not eat REAL and RIGHT foods that give you energy and power.

Power house to your cells, the mighty mitochondria-ATP-energy.

  • Increase deeply coloured vegetables and fruits .
  • Increase cabbage, onion, mushroom family.
  • Increase dark leafy greens.
  • Ensure adequate complete protein.
  • Drink plenty of filtered pure water.
  • Good quality sleep.


Life can be simple just like the real foods we can choose to eat, energy can once again flow freely when you can get your power from your food.

For more information about making improvements to your health, getting your energy back and feeling good again, contact me for a free consultation.

Lahaina Pirri


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