CanAlt Labs

IgG Food Sensitivity Testing (CanAlt Labs)

Originally used to study DNA and gene expression, it is now been extended to Food Sensitivity Testing. Can detect the present of IgG food-specific antibodies to over 200 commonly eaten foods. Allowing a measure of specific food sensitivities and flexibility of this test permits a number of different panels to be offered. When you feel pain, changes in mood, skin irritation, digestive issues IBS, weigh gain, chronic fatigue, arthritis and the list goes on. This test is on the top of my list to eliminate the irritant you are ingesting, therefore healing foods can be introduced.

Hair Mineral Analysis (CanAlt Labs)

Screening test to measure the levels of up to 60 essential minerals and toxic metals. Minerals in the body are involved in almost all enzyme reaction, metabolic activity and detoxification cycle. They are vital for effective absorption and proper function of nutrients and vitamins. High levels of toxic metals inhibit the body’s ability to process and assimilate specific nutritional elements that essential good health have a proven link to many diseases.  By correcting tissue mineral levels and ratios with nutrients and lifestyle modifications, many physical and behavioral conditions can be prevented or reversed.

Full panel blood work (Life Labs)

Measuring your sugar (glucose) level, electrolyte and fluid balance, kidney function, and liver function.

Prior to a specific nutritional meal plan, a full blood work is needed to produce a customized plan considering your blood work report, health history, allergies and or intolerance. Our goal is to have eliminate foods that can create inflammation, aggravate and disturb the body’s metabolic function through findings of these tests above can be avoided on your meal plans.

Symptoms, health concerns, and pain can be reversed while on your program.