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Chronic stress and anxiety depress the immune system, among all the changes globally we have had to encounter, the most important information to understand is to stay healthy during the uncertainty of COVID19.
How we feel effect our thoughts, emotions, our stressors, and feeling of anxiety, maybe even depression. Constant flight-or-flight responses to the body , and what the mind perceives as life-threatening stress can increase the production of cortisol resulting in dysfunction of the metabolism and inflammatory responses. Heightening the risk for asthma and other autoimmune diseases.
As a Wahls professional and using Dr.Wahls protocol into our three months program, it’s a balance of implementing food as medicine, fueling the cells and key techniques to manage stress, anxiety and stopping the clock to pause the stressors in the mind. It’s time to believe in just even an in-cling to further improvements, then there is faith to plant a seed of hope, we are all in definite need of that!
As much as we want, we can not change the whole world, only you can decide to change yours today.

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