Have you thought about what could be happening with your gut, can then happen to your brain. Are you feeding yourself or the trillion cells in your gut? If your craving and often eat processed sugary foods and starchy foods like donuts, chips, fries, cakes, cookies, potatoes, rice, breads and pastas to name a few than you might be feeding the sugar loving bacteria and yeast which can cause all kinds of problems in your body.

This can lead to something called “Intestinal permeability or Leaky gut syndrome.” It’s when holes or leaks develop in the lining between the small bowel and the blood vessels, where absorption begins, but with this issue absorption also becomes a problem. Factors that can cause this issue are frequent antibiotic use, development of sensitivity or an intolerance, exposure to man made chemicals and toxins such as tobacco smoke, and a poor diet high in sugar/starch foods.

Therefore if you have an issue with your intestinal lining, soon to follow is the blood vessels including the one that leads to your brain can likely to become an issue as well. A leaky GUT, leaky blood vessel, and a leaky BRAIN, can develop into leaky skin. Symptoms can start as simple as digestion issues, constipation, to rashes/ hives, joint pain then brain fog to fatigue, mood disorders, and eye issues. In the blood-brain barrier that provides an extra layer of protection for the brain against infecting bacteria will become less effective.

This is why “Intestinal Permeability or Leaky gut” is not just about gastrointestinal issue, it’s about your entire system and over all health.

Now that you know what foods to avoid to feed your unhealthy bacteria in your gut, you may think twice before buying that big bag of chips or the cookies at the grocery store.

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