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It is a disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves in your eyes. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and having difficulty with vision, balance, muscle control, and other issues with the body’s

function like cognitive decline, brain fog, issues with metabolism, food sensitivities and the worst that most suffer from is the chronic fatigue which makes it very difficult to live their lives with the conventional life style.

Approximately 85% have relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis

Once a individual has a sign of this disease after having an attack of symptoms this is called relapses from time to time, following  by weeks, months or even years of recovery this is called remissions.

Primary Progressive MS

This is when the disease gets worse over time, this is about 10% of people with MS that have this type. This is where the immune system may be attacking the myelin that insulated the nerves.

As with Dr.Wahls she was declining, her eyes were seeing the color blue very bright, and as he described it she said it was like dragging her left foot like it was sandbag, she was exhausted, nauseated, and scared. She went to her doctors, she was in denial, said very little and feared a lot. Test results were completed, it was clear she had MS. Slowly she was getting worse.

Then something happened over time, she changed her life and she wasn’t accepting this disease to control her…she was going to do something about it. What did she do?

She researched link diet and MS, she found Dr. Aston Embry a geologist whose son has MS. Then she heard about Dr.Loren Cordain who linked changes to the human diet to the development of chronic diseases in Western society. There were numerous articles that were published and she was not ready to give up. This was the beginning to the Wahls protocol and for functional, holistic, and the alternative care to use live, natural foods as medicine and to support and generate the mitochondrial.

Take Control Of Your Life

If you have MS or another chronic disease that is controlling your life. You have tried almost everything, ready to giving up and have not thought of food to help you with your health.

Then this may inspire you, both Dr. Wahls and my son’s myelin sheath regenerated. Dr.Wahls and all her Wahls warriors all have a story, and you may want to share yours.

Stop the bullying of your disease. I encourage you to take control of your life and this disease, and know that there are alternatives to accepting where you are, managing your stress, and help you with your symptoms, one step at a time.



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