Waiting for the appointment date with the doctor was never so nerve racking until now. Every thought, every moment were thoughts of my life and everything I have to do, what’s going to happen to me, options for treatment aren’t pleasant or maybe there won’t be many options. Why me?  I was so scared and my mind was going crazy with so many thoughts, my mind was racing constantly.  As my doctor spoke and then I heard the result that I didn’t want to hear, all I heard after that was muffled buzzing sounds, walls spinning like in the movies and just saw her mouth moving. I felt my energy leave my body and I was in disbelief this was happening.

Whether your symptoms manifest physically by creeping up slowly over the years or like a lightning bolt on a sunny day.  Fear will try to become your best friend, as normal as it may seems accepting the friendship will not help you gain sight to what your course of action and options is to heal and improve your state of health and balance again.

Stop for a moment and think, really catch your self for a moment of what your thoughts are, if it is true that your biography becomes your biology, would you want that thought to come true? If the thoughts are hurt, revenge, anger, guilt, resentment, blame, pity and FEAR. How do you think this is going to help your body’s recover?

Changing your life long thought patterns is not easy, acknowledging them is the first step and may be the root cause of issues and illness. What do thoughts have any thing to do with my diagnosis? Everything, and practicing your mind and attitude at this stage is a good time to change and work with a health practitioner with knowledge and experience that can coach you and direct your new patterns of thoughts that shape your mind, body back into balance and wellness. Do it for the most important person, you!

How does this sound to you?

“There is no reason for me to struggle in any of this, I can beat this, I’m not going to let this get the better of me, I’m not ready yet, I will triumph over this.” When you feel relief, you have lessened you resistance, when this happens physical manifestations will no longer matter. The art of allowing and enjoying the moment as though well being has already happened and you have detached from fear and focus off the diagnosis. Fear and doubt will try to be friends with you time and time again but you always have total control over your thoughts and how it makes you feel. Changes in recovery will not happen over night, practicing how you are feeling, slight improvements, taking it day by day, patience of the transition period. Obvious evidence in your physical body of improvements stems from your thoughts that improved emotions, and the will to prioritize nutrition to feed your cells, life style and your life will change in a different direction.


Facts and reason why you should feel hopeful that your body changes and can heal, so can you.

Your red blood cells turn over every 120 days.

Your white blood cells turn over every 4 days.

Your skin slough off every 7 days.

GI, gastrointestinal cells replace every 5 days.

All fatty tissue is replaced in your body every 3 weeks.

Lung alveoli cell turn over every 8 days.

Liver hepatocyte cells turn over 6-12 months.

98% of all atoms replaced in the body every year.

All your cells replace every 7-10 years.



“Inner changes can be so incredibly simple because the only thing we really need to change first are our thoughts”  Louise Hay, cancer survivor. Changes to diet-nutrition to feed your cells, lifestyle then can become easier and are powerful tools to your recovery and wellness.

Giving up is never an option at Balance One Health.

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