Thoughts and emotions linked to aging.

The topic of stress, anxiety, depression, lifestyle, health, and how it plays a significant part of cell generation, immune system function, and over all health.

Elissa Epel, UCSf department of psychiatry, study on human emotions, stress, rate of cell division and telomere (TL) shortening and eventually the death of the cell occurs, due to stress chronic.

Her study and trials were of the following: 1-long term care givers of family member with neurological conditions, such as dementia, 2-early childhood life of emotional neglect and trauma, 3-pregnant mothers with psychological stress and the effects of the offspring, and 4- long term of domestic violence. All measuring lifestyle, emotions, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, indicated and led to shorter of TL. Over a period of time, this interferes with the mitochondria that is responsible for Adenosine triphosphate ATP which provides storage for energy. Shortened TL, one is left with chronic fatigue. Measuring these led to the conclusion, which was interesting, the two most significant reasons for shortened TL, was the “mind wandering” which most people call “anxiety,” and lack of “presence.”

With the body’s decline, disease and telomere may be linked to Diabetes, Vascular dementia, Obesity, insulin resistance, Alzheimeres, Osteoporosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Elissa’s study showed by changing lifestyle could lengthen TL, with quality sleep, regular exercise, diet/nutrition, vitamins from supplements, mindfulness such as meditation to decrease the mind wandering and becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions, leading to healthier choices to become more present in the moment. Sounds easy right? Finding a balance without the inner critic, needs constant guidance, education, and practice, practice, practice!

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During these times of uncertainty, a new and more empowering patterns and beliefs are essential for the mind, body, and soul.

Let’s act on the hope! Balance One Health supports this scientific research and findings therefore, we look forward to lengthening your telomere.