Weight Loss

This weight loss program, is not like any other. It’s personalized nutritional meal plan is geared from you and your unique chemicals in your body.

Making it evident to what types of foods work, and others that work against your body, and just the right amount to eat.

There has been 250,000 participants world wide that have successfully completed this program, and over twenty years of research by doctors, and nutritional engineers.

Once this change to lifestyle, and diet has been accommodated, fueling your body will help stimulate your metabolism, and help release insulin naturally. Eventually supporting your body’s production of hormones, keeping your metabolic system balanced. Opening up the pathway for your body to lose weight safely, without having to starve yourself.

Our partnership with you, will help guide you to enjoy the best part about “YOU,”  you will learn to manage your body, listen and hear your body, respecting it, loving it, and enjoying each moment of your journey.

Losing weight, and having fun! Was this a part of the plan? YES!!

Balance One Health includes a FREE Cortisol test, and consultation with this weight loss program.

-Weight gain
-Thin hair, brittle nails, dry skin
-Low immune system
-Mood- hypo glycemic (alleviated by eating)
-Skin sensitivity
-Bloated, burping, re-flux, indigestion, and gas
-Cravings simple carbohydrates, such as processed foods, desserts, pasta, rice, and breads
-Chronic fatigue

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be experiencing some of the many common symptoms related to weight gain.

We help you lose weight safely and naturally.

You will a have customized program based on your individual bio-markers-34 essential lab values and personal health profile. I focus on your ability to produce necessary hormones and enzymes essential for a well-balanced metabolism, when supplied with the required building blocks (supplements, minerals, trace elements) through appropriate nutrition. With a well-balanced metabolism you are able to choose food items which contain specific building blocks with the help of your inner signals (appetite). A customized nutrition meal plan is designed and a regime is set to meet your goal and reaching your perfect body weight and maintenance.

We encourage you to regularly visit your doctor throughout the course of this program with Balance One Health, as medications may need to be adjusted.

Caring about how you feel,
In health,
Lahaina Pirri,