Chronic stress and anxiety depress the immune system, among all the changes globally we have had to encounter, the most important information to understand is to stay healthy during the uncertainty of COVID19.How we feel effect our thoughts, emotions, our stressors, and feeling of anxiety, maybe even depression. Constant flight-or-flight responses to the body , … Continue reading STRESS AND ANXIETY

Message from dr. Terry Wahls, Wahls professionals and Balance One Health.

Dr. Wahls team and Wahls professional are sending a message to public about the COVID-19 advice to slow down spread of this epidemic. This is a very highly contagious disease that is transmitted readily person to person leading to exponential in crease in new cases. While young healthy children and young adults are likely to … Continue reading Message from dr. Terry Wahls, Wahls professionals and Balance One Health.

Your Body Deserves to Detox

Quite simply, detoxification means cleansing the blood. That is achieved by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. Here is how you can help your body detox.

Matcha Coconut Smoothie Recipe

While I explained a little about Matcha in the previous post, here’s a little about this tropical 🌴 water, the coconut 🥥. Keep reading to find out how that vibrantly green smoothie is made.

Matcha Coconut Smoothie

Matcha is a powerful antioxidant, it can be used as a pre-workout supplement to increase energy and focus. Studies have shown macha before a workout increases fat loss.

Reverse your Symptoms: Progressive MS and Common Autoimmune Diseases

Dr. Terry Wahls, Jackie and Lahaina Pirri (Wahls Professional) in Iowa at the Wahls’s convention. Learn how to beat progressive MS and common autoimmune disease such as:

Binged on Sugar this Holiday? Here’s how to Recover!

The holiday season is upon us. The air is crisp with the smell of delicious, sugary treats. Holidays bring our families together, and with that, more often than not, comes the guilt of eating something you may have avoided all year – sugar, carbs, dairy…

Spring has arrived! Is your mood getting better?

The day’s are getting longer and it’s time to come out of hibernation. That’s great, except your mood isn’t aligned with the season change or with the peak of the sunlight, Easter bunny and the birds chirping that everyone is raving about.

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

It is a disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves in your eyes. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and having difficulty with vision, balance, muscle control, and other issues with the body’s

Feeding Your Friendly Bacteria

Cleaning up the yard and getting the fertilizer ready for a weed free and beautiful green lawn sounds good this time of year. This is similar to your internal body, we clean our homes, our cars, and our lawns, and sometimes

The Gut-Brain Connection

Have you thought about what could be happening with your gut, can then happen to your brain. Are you feeding yourself or the trillion cells in your gut? If your craving and often eat processed sugary foods and starchy foods like donuts, chips, fries, cakes, cookies, potatoes, rice,

Let’s talk… TOXICITY

Adding nutritious foods and quality supplements are a priority and a great way to implement changes that allow your body to detox naturally through dietary protocol. This process is essential to sustain quality of life. Therefore getting the toxins that are in your body out “better out than in”

Anxiety and depression

This is a topic that can affect you either directly or many other ways. You may have a friend, a close family member, and or you may be going through the toughest time in your life and are suffering from anxiety and depression. In my area of work I’m working with people of all ages, … Continue reading Anxiety and depression

Frightening Diagnosis

Waiting for the appointment date with the doctor was never so nerve racking until now. Every thought, every moment were thoughts of my life and everything I have to do, what’s going to happen to me, options for treatment aren’t pleasant or maybe there won’t be many options. Why me?


It gives us strength and vitality required for sustained physical, mental activity and life. It’s excitement, vitality, spirit, zest, vibrancy, spark, liveliness, enthusiasm, exuberant, buoyancy, animation and much more.

Flu season is coming!

Saying good bye to summer, shorts, T-shirts, and warmth of the sun is never easy.  Having a smooth transition into the colourful leaves of autumn makes this season enjoyable as you can continue to be out doors and take long walks by the park in the cooler weather. Winter is a season full of