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Dr.Terry Wahls and Laihaina Pirri at the Wahls conference 2017 in Iowa

Dr.Terry Wahls and Laihaina Pirri at the Wahls conference 2017 in Iowa.

Start Of The Wahls Wellness

You may be on this page because you would like to know how I can help you and if I am the right professional and fit for you to achieve your health goals. It started when I found out about Dr.Wahls and read about her history as a medical doctor, her illness, her diagnosis, her shift in functional medicine, her challenges, her symptoms reversing, her will and determination. I was so excited because this all just sounded much too familiar, like my own story, but somewhat different. Believing in functional medicine – really getting to the root cause of a chronic symptom, or an illness – by giving the body proper, specific nutrition, eating to heal, and giving your body time to recover. Being a health practitioner and Anthony’s history of autoimmune disease, I didn’t give a second thought to becoming a Wahls professional to further my knowledge.

My son Anthony was going through a traumatic phase, where his own body was attacking him aggressively, an autoimmune disease which they could not diagnose until this day. Once Anthony was stable and out of critical care his ongoing rehabilitation definitely took some time – patience was mandatory. One day at a time, the body reached wellness again and the program was a success.

Through the course of this journey we all understood the brain controls just about everything, and specific to my son’s case, it was his brain stem. The brain stem sits beneath the cerebrum, in front of the cerebellum. It connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord, which runs down the neck and back. The brain stem is in charge of all the functions your body needs to stay alive, breathing air, digesting food, circulating blood, involuntary muscles – the ones that work automatically without thinking about it like the heart and stomach, and so on. Needless to say the brain stem has a pretty important function for the body to survive.


You will See Changes

Being in critical care, in isolation, at Sick Children’s hospital in Toronto for 3 months was not easy especially with a 6-month old baby; I was grateful for my family’s support. We saw my son with tubes, machines constantly beeping, medications,  poked by numerous doctors, and meetings upon meetings telling us to prepare for the worst.

I could go on but my point is that I saw this physical reality and somehow I got into this state of mind to create my own happier and better reality, a reality that I could create for my son.

Changing the Way we Looked at him, Changed the Way I was Seeing Him

I saw him well, I talked to him as he was well and would go about his daily routine – simple things like laughing, talking, touching, reading to him, playing music and dancing around his hospital room. No matter what the treatment or test findings and what the doctors would tell me, giving up was never an option! I had the most important job in my life and it was to stop all fear, sorrow, guilt, and negative thoughts as best as I could for my son’s optimal recovery. I began to encourage him with all the strength I could muster and he was responding, he was determined. This was possible by surrounding him with joy, positive mind frame, support, endless love, and a whole lot of will.

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“I hope sharing with you my life story inspires you, like Dr. Wahls has with hers. Know that you’re not alone and your struggles with your health and life can become easier.”


As I proudly combed Anthony’s hair to finally get him ready to leave the hospital in his wheelchair and go home, I felt like the luckiest person and I understood that a miracle had happened. As we said our goodbyes to the hospital staff and even some doctors who had contrasting comments, I focused on the wonderful, hopeful doctors. I just hoped Anthony’s amazing recovery had planted a seed of hope for the doctors who couldn’t see past the science.
As a parent going through their worst nightmare, I felt like I got off a death sentence. This experience changed my whole life and I’m ever so ecstatic and ready to live life to the fullest with our son!

Recovery takes time, as does diagnosis and illnesses, therefore respecting the body and giving it time to heal, and eating for optimal cellular health is the key.

Anthony has reversed about 90% of his symptoms, he is talking, walking, running, singing, dancing, and eating. He is healthy and in high school but most importantly, he is happy and enjoying his life.

Optimal Recovery

  • Specific nutrients for optimal cellular health (feeding the mitochondria & regenerating the myelin sheath)
  • Drink clean filtered water for hydration and release of toxins
  • Quality sleep & meditation to clearing the mind
  • Exercise that is enjoyable and physio for flexibility & muscle building
  • Happy and stress free environment
  • Support for caregivers
  • Eliminate all environmental toxins/pollutants
  • Maximize vitamins, minerals, supplements and antioxidants
  • Books, games that stimulate cognitive function

Private Nutritional Health & Conditioning Coach

Together we can make Dr. Wahls protocol work for you and even more with your own personal meal plan designed specifically for you. I will guide you through this process of 3 months, staring with understanding your health history, symptoms, diagnosis, medications, and lifestyle. Specific tests are done before your customized meal plan is produced. I will conduct followups with regards to changes and feedback you may have, and we will be communicating very closely to see how you are feeling overall. Through the course of your program, I recommend you visit your doctor on a regular basis as changes and adjustments to your medications may be required.

Caring about how you feel,
In health,
Lahaina Pirri,